Sunday, March 20, 2011

Best Place to Download Free Music

I recently was looking around for some music to grab Basically, I don't listen to much popular music. I prefer traditional World music, noise, mathematical oriented composition, medieval and Early music, avant garde jazz and classical, et cetera, and those styles are relatively hard to find. The Ultimate Free Downloads site seems to have a good amount of hard to find genres, both major and independent labels. Nice! Of course they have the basic pop stuff, too, and the standard country, classical, and various other commonly found genres.
Some of the draw backs include the fact that the page title is slightly deceiving in that the service is NOT free. The second drawback in my opinion is that you cannot browse the titles before you join and start downloading. I didn't like that I almost didn't send the bucks to find out what they offered. The other "drawback" that I expected was that you have to pay to get started. It isn't much, though, and basically you can grab as much as you like once you're in. That makes up for it, really.
The sit offers other things too, like videos and games. I haven't explored these areas of the site yet. I have posted a blog with more information. You can go to Quentin's Reviews and get more information and a link to the site.
I give the site two thumbs up! Check it out here and get started listening to things you may have had a hard time finding before: Ultimate Free Downloads
Thanks for reading. I hope that if you are trying to find some harder to track down music, this will help you get that for which you are looking.
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