Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pop Music Download Tracks… For Free!

Because of the endorsement of TV, radio and print media, pop music has always been the genre with the largest fan base. As a result, pop music download sites have been multiplying by the minute to cater to the music community’s needs.
Due to the popularity of pop songs, many music fans are keen on downloading them from the Internet. This has resulted in a widespread practice of piracy in file sharing networks. To protect musicians’ intellectual property rights, law-making bodies have required music download services to practice legally-compliant downloading. This entails users to purchase audio tracks by downloading them for a price. However, there are still sites that offer free downloads to promote obscure but pretty talented pop artists. Although it is highly unlikely to find Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl” in the music library of these sites, they usually give you access to a range of artists that might be overlooked by the music mainstream. Some sites even provide another take on the downloading business. In such sites, most songs start out for free but become more expensive as their popularity increases. If you’re the type who scours for obscure artists and gives their songs a chance, you might just get a lot of free stuff from these auction-type downloading sites. On the other hand, those who download popular songs stand to buy them at a price agreed upon by fellow subscribers. Many unique websites also encourage their subscribers to create new content, usually through the art of remixing songs. They provide subscribers with thousands of downloadable audio samples and tools to help them create new and original songs.
While paid subscriptions have been the way to go when it comes to pop music download services, many innovative online organizations have put a new twist to free music. These sites have become advocates of music sharing while still abiding by rules and regulations against piracy.

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