Wednesday, October 12, 2011

All About J Rock by Stewart Johnston

J Rock or Japanese Rock is part of J Pop music. The Japanese rock music has started during 1960s. It was actually influenced by the rock music in United States. The rock music has started to change in 1970s. It was influenced by the folk music. During 1980s the rock musicians change their looks. The visual look of the musicians was updated into genuinely self-made style.

The genres of fashion and music styles in J Rock always grow. The styles of fashion and music in J Rock include Visual Kei, Oshare Kei, Angura Kei, and many others. The genre of Japanese rock is usually related to glamour rock, metal, and punk.

Visual Kei refers to the band with heavy make-up, glamour costumes, and cool hair styles that are usually dyed in many different colors.

You cannot assume the Japanese rock as the rock style that is the same with the common rock style. J Rock music and fashion styles are completely different.

The most notable Japanese legendary visual rock bands that have succeed in Japan and the world are X JAPAN, LUNA SEA, GLAY, L'Arc en Ciel, Buck-Tick, and many more.

Nowadays there are so many bands in this genre born. They are more likely to invade Europe and United States. Many opinions spreads about this but, we cannot judge which one is the correct one. The bands and soloists are likely to tour around Europe and United States. Those J Rock stars are the GazettE, X JAPAN, Miyavi, Alice Nine, Dir en Grey, and many more.

The newly born Japanese rock bands are more likely to war heavy make up that has become the characteristic of Japanese rock. The bands that were born in 1980s are likely to change their style by getting more mature look. But still, the aura of J Rock star appears.

You can always enjoy recorded concert because they usually release concert DVD. If you watch their promotional videos you might get interested with their music and fashion styles. Many people who are into J Rock also follow the musicians' style. You can refer the mimic of style as Cosplay (costume player).
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