Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Easy Guitar Songs For Beginners - Learn to Play 3 Classic Rock Songs Using 3 Simple Chords!

So you want to learn some easy guitar songs for beginners, but you want something with a bit of guts to them am I right?
I know just how you feel. When I first started learning to play the guitar, some of the stuff I had to play was just so lame! Boring scales and songs that I didn't even know!
I have a secret to share with you:-
It doesn't have to be boring you can play some cool rock songs with just 3 simple chords!
It is a sad fact that nearly 90% of beginners quit within the first few months because they are bored with the songs they are playing!
Are you like me and just want to crank that amp up and smash out a few power chords?
The problem you've got is that learning to play the guitar is no fun if you play stuff you don't like. But most of the cool songs are too hard to play right?
I'm going to let you into a little secret. There are 3 magic chords and if you know them you can play tons of great easy guitar songs for beginners!
The 3 magic chords are A G and D!
If you want to learn easy guitar songs here are 3 songs you can learn right now - >
1. "Alright Now" by Free. While song has a classic verse rock riff in it, the actual chorus chords can be broken down easily into 3 chords.
"Alright Now, baby it's a alright now"
2. "Get Back" by The Beatles. This is based around the same 3 chords but sneaks a 7th on the A every so often.
"Get Back-------Get Back-------Get back to where you once belonged-----------(repeat)"
3. "Ghostbusters" theme. Now while I admit this is not really a rock song, it was suggested that it was taken form an early Hewie Lewis and the News song "I Wanna New Drug! But either way, the chords are the same and it was played with an overdriven sound. And I'm sure you'll have fun playing it - which is what it's all about!
Warning: if you don't take the time to learn at least these 3 simple chords you will be stuck with the boring songs and probably quit before you have a chance of learning to play the guitar!
If you want learn easy guitar songs for beginners pay attention!
If you are struggling to learn these easy guitar songs you need some serious beginner lessons.
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