Monday, October 17, 2011

On the Realities of Rock by Mic Car

The life of a rockstar is always depicted as wild, exciting, and ongoing rock and roll. Those who have made it big in the music industry as rockstars are constantly on the road doing concerts, signing autographs, rocking out in the stages with their own styles of music, meeting managers, producing CDs and DVDs, and a whole lot more.

The thing is, the life of a rockstar isn't as easy and fun as it is depicted in movies, music videos, and in the mainstream media. These talented singers who began with a goal of making great rock music are constantly on the go, making money and perfecting their images and careers, just to survive the competition that is constantly going on between one rock band or one rockstar to another.

But nobody will deny the power of rock music and the intimidating presence of a rock star. The music genre itself has made so many trademarks throughout history that the music industry without rock music will forever be incomplete and lifeless. Rock music has made a big impact that resulted to the kind of music we have today, which is why a lot of teenagers and musical hopefuls try their best to live the life of a rock star, to party like a rockstar, and of course to become the rockstar that they really want to be. For the rockstar himself or herself, he or she will always be a talent that many are expecting to be able to blow their minds off with rocking power music, a message behind every song, and to make a difference in the world. Their names or the logos of the bands that they are a part of are then being printed in posters, with outfits being sold in the malls and CDs being sold in stores all over the world.

The sad thing about today's rock is when commercialism seeps in into the beauty of music. It is because of commercialism that many of the best rockstars fall to their unknown unpopularity due to the decreasing quality of their music. We see good bands like Linkin Park, P.O.D., and other bands falling apart because of the pressures that their careers are putting themselves in. But despite these present problems with rock bands and rock stars today, the genre, the style, and the living icon will always be figures to look up to.

A lot of young teenagers and adolescents will always experience a certain point in their young lives where they want to try out being a rockstar. Not only does it give them a powerful, influential, and simply "cool" image, they get to play songs that almost everyone in the world would enjoy. People who have lived through the rock and roll ages will always dance and sing to songs of Elvis Presley, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marely, and the rest. Not only is it because their music brings out the energy and life in people, it also speaks of a message that brings awareness to the people about important issues like war, honesty, loyalty, etc.

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