Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sound Of Music by Jim Newton

I just love music! Do you love music? Do you have a favorite type? How do you listen to your tunes? Do you watch music videos, listen to internet radio, or plug in your mp3 or CD player. Even if you have a wide range of music you like, we generally have a favorite genre. Lets play a game, how many types of music can you name? Don't look at my list. I bet there are more types or genres of music than you knew. Let's see how many I can name:

Beach music


Big band music

Black metal

Brass band

Brazilian funk


British blues





Chicago blues

Chicago soul

Chinese rock

Christian alternative

Christian black metal

Christian Hardcore

Christian rock

Christian metal

Christian Rhythm and blues

Classic female blues

Classic rock

Classic Music

Club Music

Cool Jazz

Country blues

Country Gospel

Country Music


Dance Music

Death Metal

Delta blues

Deep Soul

Detroit blues


Disney pop

Smooth jazz

Soft rock

Soul Music

Southern Gospel

Southern Rock

Southern Hip Hop

Space age pop

Space Music

Speed Metal

St. Louis blues

Dixieland jazz

East Coast Blues

East Cost Hip Hop

Electric Blues

Electric folk




Folk Music



Funk metal

Funk Rock





Hard Rock

Heavy Metal

Hillbilly Music

Hip Hop

Honky Tonk

Honkyoku - Japanese

Indie music

Irish folk






Jug band

Juke joint blues

Kansas City blues

Light Rock

Louisiana blues

Lounge Music


Medieval music


Stoner Rock

Sunshine pop

Surf music

Swamp blues

Swing music

Symphonic music

Techno Music

Teen pop

Texas blues

Memphis blues

Mexican Rock

Miami Bass

Modern classical music

Modern Rock


Nashville Sound

New Age music

New Orleans blues

New Orleans Jazz




Outlaw country

Pagan Rock

Pagan Metal

Parody Music

Piano Blues

Piano Rock


Pop Music

Progressive Music

Psychedelic rock



Renaissance music


Rhythm and blues

Rock Music

Rock Opera


Rock and Roll




Sea shanty

Shock Rock

Show tune

Thrash metal

Trip Music

Urban Cowboy

Urban Folk

Urban jazz


Western blues

Western Swing

How many of those did you name? Ok, ok.. .. I cheated a little, I did some research to write this article. I'm really not that smart, but I didn't even name half of them. I left a lot out. It's truly amazing how many types of music there are. I bet that before I started doing the research, I couldn't name 20 of them. There were a lot I never even heard of. A lot of those are new, some are old.

Music has constantly changed ever since the first cave man made a beat on a hollow log. I think mankind has always had the beat in them. Not just the types of tunes either. The way we listen to tunes has changed too. When I was young, we had albums, 33's, 45's and 78's, then there were 8 track tapes, then came cassette tapes, now we have CD's and Mp3's. Each step improved the quality of sound, made it more accessible, or more mobile. There is no telling where it will go from there.

I can still remember when Mtv first came out. For the first time we could watch music videos. Now there are many videos stations available on cable. Now we have the internet to get our music fix. Internet radio, and mp3 download web sites, and of course YouTube. I often surf the internet with a music video playing, or an internet radio station on.

Music is popular because music means so much to us. What does it mean to you? Watching a music video, listening to internet radio, or a mp3 player can stir some emotions in us. Sometimes, you just remember your childhood, sometimes, you remember a lost love, or it makes you dreamy eyed of your current love. Sometimes music can make you feel like dancing, sometimes it makes you want to cry. Music can also give you inspiration. It can also have powerful religious connotations.

Music is just plain powerful. As music progresses, the sound quality improves, and the mediums for delivering the music improves, it's just going to get more and more powerful. All this talk about music has made me want to go pick out an mp3 to purchase and download, because after all, there is nothing like the sound of music.

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