Wednesday, November 2, 2011

80's Hard Rock Hits - Loud and Proud

The big 80's certainly had their share of diversity. Pop, top 40, one hit wonders, and the big name bands who have been around for quite some time. This time let's showcase the the darker side of 80's rock hits. The rough around the edges music known as Heavy Metal. Sure, it was unpolished, maybe even socially unaccepted but it was what it was. No apologies, no excuses. Just loud, fast, heavy metal rock. No one said it had to be pretty. You either loved it or you hated it. I don't think anyone fell into to "I tolerate it" group. Pretty much a black and white issue.

I remember a certain concert I attended in the mid 80's called the Monsters Of Rock tour. Van Halen was the main attraction, but they were almost over shadowed by all the opening bands. The Scorpions, Guns N Roses, and Great White just to name a couple. This particular concert was held in Candlestick Park in San Francisco. I don't know about any of the other concert dates, but this one had open seating. Where ever you could find a place, was where your seat was. We eventually made it down to the "infield" where the mosh pit was. Talk about a wild group! Sweaty bodies everywhere, and not an inch to move. I loved every minute of it. Fellow head bangers just enjoying the sound we all were in a craze for. The traffic, the long wait for tickets, it was all worth it for me.

Other super groups to grace a stage in the 80's, include Tesla, AC/DC, Metallica, Megadeth, and countless others I will fail to remember. The common thread they all shared was the hard driving thunder called head bangin' rock. Quite possibly, no I'm certain, the loudest three piece band in the world is Rush. I cannot believe how much sweet noise those three guys put out. Tom Sawyer and thier over the top album Moving Pictures is a constant in anyone's rock hits collection. Tesla hit it out of the ball park with their sophomore effort Mechanical Resonance. Modern Day Cowboy is a personal head bangin' favorite of mine. Metallica's Master Of Puppets is another. The original speed metal band in their prime. Megadeth and Dave Mustaine were also a force to be reckoned with. Sweating Bullets is a sure fire way to get me motivated for just about anything. Not to mention that while working out, aggressions just seem to melt away. Ozzy Osbourne is another one we can't leave out. Shot In The Dark, Crazy Train, and No More Tears are all songs I know all the lyrics to. I often wished I had enough intelligence to play a musical instrument so I could actually play along with these great 80's music hard rock hits. Oh well, I'll just have to be satisfied with playing the only instrument I know how to play, the radio.

I have to be honest here, though. I really have to be careful when driving and I have one of these c.d.'s playing. I tend to drive a little too fast. Coupled with the fact that all the cars I own are stick shift cars, I think I have a nascar on the road!! So, a word of warning, monitor your driving while listening to these classic rock hits!! It is far too easy to have a lead foot while cranking up the tunes.

Now lets see if I can leave you with a little hard rock trivia. What was the name of one of Ozzy Osbourne's guitar players he considered his musical soul mate? Randy Rhodes is the one I'm talking about here. Randy left us way too early, but his musical genius still lives on with classic heavy metal hits from Quit Riot. Mama, Were All Crazee Now. Another personal favorite of my own.

So hopefully this article sparked some more memories deep within you. Play it loud, play it proud and for more 80's music trivia and hits please visit

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