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April Wine, one of rock's longest running acts, is hitting the road again this year in grand style. April Wine will take the stage for their season opening concert in South Burlington, VT. on February 9, 2008. Look for a new stage and sound show, but with all the kick-ass old favorites coming your way just as you remember them. The word is that some new material is going to be played in this tour. 22 shows have been set so far.
If you don't remember April Wine, don't feel bad, I didn't catch their great sound until I was 21 or so. The first album I heard was "Nature of the Beast", and the studio version of "Sign of the Gypsy Queen" blew me away! Its intensity and drive filled my senses with a feeling of acoustical power and mystery. The lyrics become one with your soul very quickly.
This is true of all April Wine's songs, they all seem to strike a chord with the listener on a personal level. "The Nature of the Beast" is a great album to start your April Wine collection with. It brings out the best of the band and you will enjoy every song.
If you like what you hear, you can catch the band in concert through next December. The show promises to be a good one. The sound of April Wine only gets better when played live. All the intensity of a 70's rock rock band shines through along with a great deal of artistic pride.
You will have to attend a concert to find out what is in store for you. The details of the play list probably have not been decided by the band yet either. But of course, it is always best to get advance seating. Believe me folks, this is a hell of a show. These guys are rockers from the word go. You can't miss by seeing April Wine in concert.
So, support your favorite rock bands, and they will be around to perform for a long time to come. Check out websites, join fan clubs, and by all means attend a concert for your enjoyment. Music is a great way to bring peace to the world, one song at a time.
April Wine is a 4 member band that dates back to the early 1970's. Their illustrious career has spanned 36 years. They released their 16th album in 2006. Their new album is called "Roughly Speaking". If you want to hear a sample of April Wine's newer stuff, you can listen to free online music tracks here: http://www.aprilwine.ca/songs/audio.htm
To see a list of all the concerts that have been set so far, visit http://www.aprilwine.ca/tourdates.php
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