Friday, February 17, 2012

Why Do You Think We Love Music

When someone tell's you that they love music what does that really mean! I feel like some people just vibe to music and just love what that track does for them. Other's have more feeling's than other's when it come's to tracks. Every time I talk to somebody they all have different opinions on the track where discussing.
Really it's a great way to have everyone feeling a track, and being at a club and seeing everyone vibe to that joint. I still belive that music put's us together and make's everyone happy. Well it can make you sad as well. Depending on the track, and how the artist came across for that track. There's just so many expressions out there.
No matter if you like rap, rock, techno, one thing that all this music has is a vibe that you and I can fall in love with. Now the other day I was talking to someone, and they told me that they where listening to a track and chicago music producer
just made him feel so great!. A feeling that made this person want to start jumping up and That's what I did was laugh!
No matter how many times we listen to a track that we love the same thing always pops up in are minds. Where can this track take you. That's why music is still a wonderful thing. It take you on a journey or a path if you will, to a place that can set you free. This is why when I talk about music I hear the same things being said about music. Never get's old tho.
So I'm trying to get comments on why we love music so much. I really challenge everyone to tell me why they love music. Don't be shy just type away. If you love it as much as me there is nothing to hold back. Just start writing free.
One more thing that I have to touch up on before I get off for this article. Do you think music can be evil as well. I mean if somebody one day is mad and decides to talk crazy do you think that could mess with listeners and turn them? I think that music is something that someone feel's, but sometimes is misunderstood. Which can lead to a lot of bad comments being said, or even hate amongst the world. So please tell me your thought's on chicago music producer

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