Friday, March 2, 2012

The History of Rock And Roll - How It All Began

Rock is one of the most popular genres of music that is loved by over billions of fans all over the world. It is characterised by its heavy instrumentation, and extreme use of heavy and loud sounds in various songs. The lyrics too are very unconventional. Mostly, rock music has been associated with rebelliousness.
This is the reason why the youth of every generation simply fall madly in love with this kind of music. They completely identify with the rebellious music that ask people all kinds of soul searching questions, and question the various rules and conventions of the society. Rock music is also famous because of the various transformations it has gone through over the past 5 decades.
But how did it all start? It started out in the 50s. Before this period, mostly music was all about normal, conventional stuff, and was mainly dominated by the rules of the Church. In the late 1940s, a form of music started gaining a lot of popularity. This form combined gospel music, country and classical music elements and gave out a sound that was so different and was completely different. It caught on really quickly.
The name "rock and roll" was first coined by a DJ in Ohio called Alan Freed when he played a combination of gospel music, country and rhythms for the audience of the local disc. This then soon spread like wild fire all across the USA. It took on various forms, and each decade saw an improvement with the help of several creative geniuses. They reshaped instruments, and created new sounds that took over the world by storm. Rock also spread to other parts of the world like wild fire. Today, there are several forms of rock, including heavy metal, nu metal, trance, alternate rock, and so on.
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