Sunday, March 4, 2012

School of Rock - One Rockin' Comedy

In this film, there are two men that have grown up together. They even started their own band together. After many years, they noticed that they still were not as famous as they thought they should be. The band got together and decided that it was due to the crazy and drunk behavior of Dewey. He would even play fifteen minutes of solo guitar while on stage. To the band it was clear, Dewey thought that he was more popular than he really was. It was time for him to go. After some time, the band stopped playing altogether. They finally realized that they really weren't that good at what they did and they were getting older. Ned and Dewey still remained friends and lived in apartment together. Ned got a job as a substitute teacher to pay the rent while Dewey laid around all day doing nothing.
One day Ned found a girlfriend and allowed her to live with him. She too had a job and contributed to the rent. When Dewey got at least three months behind in rent, Ned's girlfriend began talking to Ned about kicking him out. Dewey decided that he did not like Ned's new girlfriend because Ned never cared about the rent being late until she showed up.
Dewey answers the phone. It is a school looking for a substitute. Dewey decides to pretend to be Ned so that he can pay the rent. This is no ordinary school. It is a private school where the parents pay the big bucks for the children to attend and are very active in their child's education. At first, Dewey lets the children inform him of the routines that have been set. The it is time for the children to go to music. He notices that these private school students are very good at everything that they do, including playing music. Dewey rushes to his van and gets his guitars that were left from the band. He decides that he is going to teach them everything to do with music. However, the principal is very aware of what is going on in her school. They have to set up cameras in the hall and soundproof the classroom. One day a teacher even tells the office that she hears music and it is very loud. The principal is there in a flash to investigate the noise. She sits in the class the rest of the day. Dewey is very nervous since he really doesn't know how to teach kids but pulls it off by having a musical math lesson.
After a week of practicing, Dewey finds out that there are some tryouts for Battle of the Bands and decides to have the class tryout. Will they leave the building with out the principal finding out? Will Dewey be found as a fraud and fired? Will the parents erupt when they find out that the only homework their child has it to listen to music and practice their instrument? Watch and find out.
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