Thursday, December 13, 2012

Some Practical Tips On How To Beat Writer's Block

A writer's job is to produce compelling articles and novels, so readers will enjoy the stories and scenarios. But what if you're in the middle of typing your heart out and suddenly nothing comes out of your typing. You can't think straight and ideas are slipping away as you stare at your monitor. An experience like this can ruin your mood and groove. And even if you've collected all of your resources for an article, for example, it's still hard to figure out the ideas in your head. This is called writer's block.
It is hard to beat writer's block if you don't know what to do next and if you will force your mind to squeeze out ideas. Here are some of the tips I have learned to apply whenever I experience writer's block:
[1] Stop and smell the roses
Yes, literally. You need to stop what you're doing, step away from your computer, and go outside. You might need some fresh air, a snack, coffee, anything that can help you relax and not think of your articles at least for a few minutes. If you have deadlines to beat, it is best to take a break to ease out the 'block'.
For some people, it only takes a few minutes for the 'block' to go away. But for some, it may take hours. So, it is important to stop and take a break if no idea is coming out.
[2] Listen to music
If nothing else is happening after a short break, it is time to listen to music. A lot of people find it relaxing to listen to instrumentals while working. For a writer, in my opinion and experience, music is fuel. It can ease away the anxiety and stress from writing non-stop, and it can be your source of entertainment.
Some writers prefer classical music by Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, and Chopin. Others like rock music to keep them awake during sleepless writing nights.
[3] Get enough sleep
This is a tricky tip especially for writers because a lot of us love to stay awake at night 'til the wee hours. These are the hours when everyone's gone to sleep and there's usually peace and quiet around. However, it is still best to get enough sleep. Try your best to sleep for at least eight hours to relax your mind and body. Sometimes, when there's not enough sleep, it triggers writer's block or a similar episode. It's a 'freezing' situation in front of the computer and nothing's coming out no matter how hard you try.
[4] Don't stress out
In the midst of a deadline, this is not what you want. As much as possible, try to relax and ease your mind off of your writing tasks; even if it means a few hours away from deadline. Take a deep breath and keep it cool. You can make yourself busy while doing this. One is to take your dog for a walk, chat a little with your family, go out and take a quick stroll down the neighborhood, or a short nap.
Whatever technique you do to ease away writer's block can help in their own little way. There's no particular strategy as there is no particular time when this bugger comes around. So, take it easy and take a break from all of your work. Once you've relaxed, you can try writing again and just wait for your creative juices to flow naturally.
Chellet Laudato is an internet marketer and writer. She loves writing a variety of topics and she also blogs about her backyard gardening adventures.

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