Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Dynamic New Rock Music by Michael Edie: This Time

Four songs are currently available from Michael Edie's new CD This Time that blend soaring rhythms and vocals with inspirational lyrics and a sculptured sound that demonstrates the solid technique of this band. As it is said in the vernacular: this band is tight! The crystal clear sound, punctuated with outstanding guitar riffs and sparkling, yet sometimes raspy vocals, provides an uplifting listening experience. Yes, this band rocks!
The two ballads and two upbeat songs are positive messages with Christian underpinnings yet are not the usual Christian rock fare. These tracks suggest influences such as Van Halen and Rush that shine through within the context of Edie's unique, riveting sound and style. The music captures the listener because it is packed with polished musicianship that shines on each track.
The ballad I Believe is a compelling tribute to America and one man's thankfulness for being an American. This could be sung by any average American who still believes in this country and is unashamed to sing (or speak) plainly about it. So if you're proud to be an American and are thankful for the sacrifices of others that afford the current freedoms, this gem will touch your heart.
If you're a rock music fan and are searching for an artist that delivers cool music and powerfully positive messages, then you will want to check out Michael Edie's new tracks. As the songs are released, they will be provided online. Let not your heart be troubled: he plans to release a physical copy of the CD once all tracks are ready and details are complete.
Rock music fans will not want to miss this independent artist and these cool, smooth tracks. This is a remarkable New Jersey rock artist with a strong, solid sound, awesome guitar work, and positive messages.
Please check out New Rock Music for a more detailed review with direct links to review and download the tracks.

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