Monday, February 18, 2013

Kid's Rock Born Free in Song

The latest news gained from the Washington Post is about the famous singer musician, Kid Rock, who said that he has allowed his fellow mate, Mitt Romney, to make use of his song which is titled “Born Free” as their official song. Kid Rock whose actual name is Bob Ritchie said that although he has given permission to use the song, he failed to approach the Governor of Massachusetts for the same. According to Kid Rock, every individual has the right to use his song as he has priorly granted the permission to everyone. He also said that people need not take his permission before using his songs.
Kid Rock has always been an ardent supporter of the Republicans. People who make "So Hott" their theme song are sure to get Kid Rock his vote, he added.
There have been so many people using other composer’s songs as their theme song. Another popular musician, Tom Pretty, sent a letter to Rep. Michele Bachmann for using his song and suggested to stop using it. Ann who is Romney’s wife told a famous magazine named Parade that her husband has all the famous songs on his iPod and added that no person is as simple as they look and gave an example of the former Michigan governor, Mr. George Romney, who was a prankster by nature and shared her weird experiences with him.
Over all, Bob Ritchie a.k.a. Kid Rock does not feel offended when others use his song because it was he himself who gave them the permission to do so. Lastly, he added that all the entertainers must not open their mouth when it comes to politics. One can now easily hear Kid Rock’s song “Born free” whether on the campaign trailer of Romney or on YouTube, people will surely enjoy listening to it.

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