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Rock and Roll music of the 50s by Supercharts

Rock and Roll music of the 1950s
It is said that music is a reflection of times in which it is created. If this is true, then the 1950's music clearly shook the world with its rock and roll. As the affects of the Second World War began to die down, a new energy was infused into the artistic minds of the generation. The arena was fertile for the birth of a new genre which would change the face of music for all times to come. The advent of rock and roll marked the coming out of a generation which had stood strong through the years and had endured the scathing effects of two world wars. The music was energetic and created a unique niche for itself in musical history.
Music is the quintessential melting pot of world culture and ethnicities and the rock and roll style was a culmination of this mélange. Strains of music from around the globe blended together to mark the commencement of an era which would see legends being born and history being made. Everything from the jazz to the blues and even gospel music were infused together to create one of the most enduring genres of musical history. It was a golden age where musical gods like Elvis Presley ruled the music charts and the hearts of millions around the world. As time passed it became firmly cemented into mainstream music and its dominance continued through the next decade.
The early years of the fifties saw a smooth transition from the soft music of the forties to the enigmatic vitality of rock and roll. Ball Haley raced to the top of the billboard charts with his hit "crazy man crazy" and with it the new generation in music had begun. What followed were performers like Elvis Presley with records that sold out in no time. Carl Perkins and many others were an integral part of the movement which continued well into the sixties. While there were numerous artists who held sway during the time, the world was quite singularly mesmerized by one man who has been unarguably given the title of King of Pop was Elvis. He was set to dominate the industry and his songs continued to top the charts. He was able to make rock and roll appealing to all who heard it and his music inculcated the rhythm and blues style which was developed in the same time.
Immemorial songs like "Jailhouse Rock", "Rock around the clock", "blue suede shoes" and "Don't be cruel" were some of the hits which dominated the billboard rating for a long time to come. The contribution of rock and roll is more significant given the time in which it appeared. The fifties saw an increasing racial tension in the United States and the civil right movement was beginning to take hold. In such a time, black performers reaching out to a white audience and white performers including African American music style was essentially a landmark.
It marked the change in perception and long before actual victory over segregation could be achieved, music had already bridged two cultures and given birth to a new age.

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