Sunday, June 30, 2013

Create a Music Player For Your Websites and Blogs By Ko Fai Godfrey Ko

If you are a musician and wish to sell your own music via the web there are options. Numerous services exist that are happy to take their commission in return for placing your name on their web site. The other option is to sell from your own website. This will give you a chance to attract more people and increase your sales. You also benefit by receiving all of the income less the merchant costs.
As a minimum you will need to:
1. Create your website
2. Add a music player
3. Add a merchant facility to accept money
4. Add a download page.
5. Fill the site with text content and make it Search Engine friendly. For extra functionality you could consider a blog.
Creating a website: This is easy with the tools available today. There are many free or inexpensive HTML templates available or if you need a little more presence you can search for some advance website builder software.
Add a music player: A music player to showcase your products is important. There are HTML based music players and flash based music players, both allow you to create your own play lists and embed the player to your existing web pages. However, flash player might makes you feel more comfortable that your music is safe from a web snatch. It is protected. There are a good number of skins with flash players so the choice of look and feel is easy.
Add a merchant facility: There are many merchant services available with varying rates. I see PayPal as the easiest to setup and use. You can signup a PayPal account free of charge, which enables you to instantly accept credit card payments online.
Add some text content: A few pages of content are necessary for the search engines to find. This can be about your band or group. People like to know a little about their new favorite band, their plans and music released. If you are planning on releasing a new album shortly, say so! Talk about where you started, where you are going and any tours that are planned.
These days a business is not complete without a web presence. Put it together and make it pay. You need followers to increase your sales. Give them a place to gather. You can still use the other services initially until your site has caught up. You need a site anyway, and while you have a visitor, you should give him or her the opportunity to buy whilst they are there.
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